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On behalf of the PRAYAS team I Dr Chandan Bansal welcome you in this innovative de-addiction programme. As a doctor I have seen so many people suffering from various health and socio-economic problems because of various kinds of addictions. I have always intended to help them but it was limited by various factors including time constrains. So many people in the world get various kinds of cancers because of these ill substances and the mankind suffers like anything.

Prevention is always better than cure. So I thought let us create a platform where we can help those people who have some kind of addictions and are willing to leave them but need some motivation and support. With this idea the concept of “PRAYAS”was born.

I lost my Mamaji LT SHRI GANESH GOEL few months back in 2014 because of mouth cancer secondary to tobacco addiction. With all the knowledge and efforts I could not save him. After his death I pledge to myself that I will always fight against these addictions by helping others so that they do not acquire any kind of cancer and may not suffer what we have been through.

The method used is scientific and based on approach known as PUBLIC PLEDGE METHOD.

The citizens who want to leave their bad habits are registered in the clinic or online through this website.

A written pledge is then taken in presence of friends and family members for those who register at my clinic located at Civil Township, Rourkela, Odisha, India.

Then onwards everyday motivational SMS is sent to the patient and a follow upcall inintervals is made to know his status and keep him motivated.

Once in three month a public meeting is held for counselling, education and motivation.

Almost 25% patient registered so far were able to reach complete sobriety and almost all of them were benefitted to certain extent.

This program is supported by JAIPRAKASH CHARITABLE TRUST in association with DR. CHANDAN BANSAL'S DIABETIC CLINIC.

We are determined for better health of society and creating awareness.